Adult Group-30 Minute-3 Month Membership



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60-66 Sessions – 30 minutes each session.

Time: 08:30am – 9:00am • Monday-Friday

Location: Longevity Sports Center
5975 Topaz Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89120   map




Sustainable, quality of life, never too old…

You can’t get in shape if you are too sore or injured to attend your training session. We want to see you at every training session excited and ready to have a good workout. GR!T has created programs that allow men and women of all ages train effectively and safely. Each program is a building block for a long term, sustainable health strategy. This strategy includes stretching, flexibility, strength training combined with endurance and nutrition. You will get personalized attention from your pro-level coaching staff at every session. The first step in a 100% life is getting your mind and body in 100% shape. You will have fun and make some great new friends along the way.


” I was afraid working with a professional like Korey and doing professional-grade exercises was going to be too much for me. It turns out not only was I able to perform all of the exercises but as a side effect, my chronic back pain, that I had for years, has completely gone away. I really enjoyed working out in the group environment. The group inspired me when I was feeling flat, and I made some great new friends as well.” – Rian Ross – 50+ Father of 2, Entrepreneur and Commercial Real Estate Business Owner


Stick around for every one of “Those” moments.

So WHY workout? Why have a 100% life? Because you have a lot to live for. There are graduations, weddings, reunions, trips, kids and grandkids to share life with. Even your pets will love spending some active-time with you. Forget “keeping up” with the Jones’… How about leaving them in your dust. Tennis, golf, fishing, hiking, camping, even shopping takes energy and stamina. GR!T is committed to seeing you trade all those prescriptions for a healthy sustainable lifestyle that ensures every day will be pain free and energized. Are you in?


You get everything and safety too.

  • Increased Strength, Balance, and Coordination
  • Increased Mobility, Brain Function, and Alertness
  • Increased Performance in your hobby life
  • Add sustainable habits with exercise and nutrition
  • Increased Stamina and Energy for quality life with yourself, friends, kids, grandkids
  • Increased passion, desire, and courage for a more active life style
  • Reduce, Prevent, and Eliminate shoulder, hip, and back pain
  • Mind and body control
  • Reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease (Americas #1 heart Disease)370,000 die annually
  • Ability to do activities, and movement no longer thought possible
  • Learn to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Increased Immune Function and Bone Density


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